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Greatest Class-Action Lawsuit Hits

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Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler and Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill in a scene from “Better Call Saul.”


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“Better Call Saul” is an entertaining TV present a few fast-talking plaintiff attorney-turned-criminal protection lawyer. But even

Saul Goodman

could blush at a few of the actual class-action fits today.

Start with the sweater that supposedly unraveled

Gloria Miramontes.

In late 2019 she purchased a burgundy V-neck from a Ralph Lauren Polo Factory retailer in El Paso. The sweater discovered its means from Ms. Miramontes’ purchasing bag to a lab and now a lawsuit in federal courtroom in New York.

The criticism says the sweater’s tags claimed it was knit from “fine luxurious yarns crafted from Pima Cotton fibers” that present “lightweight comfort and an exquisitely soft hand.” But “the average length of Pima cotton fibers is 1.3125 inches,” and Ms. Miramontes realized her sweater’s fibers had been a couple of tenths of an inch too quick. Now the class-action legal professionals at Sheehan & Associates in New York and Aaronson Law Firm in Texas need to money in on the tenths of an inch.

They declare the corporate “took advantage of consumers’ cognitive shortcuts made at the point of sale” and engaged in “negligent misrepresentation” and “unjust enrichment.” They observe the sweater was offered in “thousands of locations” and declare “the aggregate amount in controversy exceeds $5 million.”

Meanwhile, plaintiff

Justin Chimienti

is suing Wendy’s and McDonald’s in a category motion filed final month in federal courtroom within the japanese district of New York. “In general, meat shrinks 25% when cooked, depending upon the amount of fat and liquid contained in the meat,” the swimsuit says. “


solely sears the surface of the patty it makes use of for its ads, nevertheless it doesn’t totally prepare dinner the patty so to deceive prospects.” He claims Wendy’s does the identical, and he’s aghast that the burgers from the drive-thru don’t appear to be these on TV.

Salivating are the plaintiff attorneys

James Kelly,

Anthony Russo


Mark Anthony Panzavecchia.

They declare the adverts “are unfair and financially damaging consumers,” which is “especially concerning now that inflation, food, and meat prices are very high.” Mr. Chimienti brings this declare “on his own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who purchased an Overstated Wendy’s Menu Item or an Overstated McDonald’s Menu Item based on false representations,” the criticism says.

Ralph Lauren

declined to remark, and Wendy’s and McDonald’s didn’t reply to inquiries. But if these prove like most class actions, the defendants will settle, the plaintiffs will obtain token compensation, and the legal professionals will make out like bandits.

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