Do AOL Accounts Expire?


You can assess the lifespan of your AOL account and plan knowledge backups accordingly for account longevity. It additionally helps you guarantee uninterrupted entry to your emails and providers. With this information, let’s uncover whether or not AOL accounts expire and, if sure, learn how to keep away from shedding your AOL Mail account.

Do AOL Accounts Expire?

Understanding if AOL accounts expire is essential for account administration, and this text will assist you perceive that intimately. Let’s get began!

How Long Does AOL Keep Inactive Accounts?

Before being fully erased, inactive accounts are stored by AOL for a set period of time. Depending on the type of AOL account you’ve gotten, there are varied closing dates for dormant profiles.

  • After 90 days of dormancy for free AOL profiles, the account is deleted. Any knowledge linked to the account can be gone after an additional 90 days (a complete of 180 days) have handed.
  • The length is prolonged for paid AOL accounts. After 24 months of inactivity, the account is deactivated. After an additional 90 days (810 days whole), the account is totally erased.

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Do AOL Accounts Expire?

Yes, AOL accounts can certainly expire if they continue to be dormant for a selected length. The timeframe for expiration varies relying on the kind of AOL account. Free AOL accounts could expire after 3 months of inactivity, whereas paid AOL accounts could expire after 24 months of inactivity.

Do AOL Accounts Get Deleted?

Yes, AOL accounts get deleted. If an AOL account is inactive for a predetermined period of time, it might be deleted. Depending on the kind of AOL account you’ve gotten, there are completely different time frames for erasure. Any data related to your account, reminiscent of emails, contacts, and different confidential knowledge, can be gone whether it is deleted. To forestall your AOL account from being expired or erased because of inactivity, it’s a good suggestion to verify in continuously.

Will I Lose My AOL Email If I Cancel?

Yes. If you cancel your AOL account, you’ll lose entry to your AOL Email. Deactivating the account means you will not have entry to your emails, contacts, and related knowledge. AOL Email is an integral a part of the general AOL account and can’t be separated. Creating a backup of vital emails and knowledge is beneficial earlier than closing your AOL account by downloading them to your machine or transferring them to a different electronic mail supplier.

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How to Avoid Losing Your AOL Mail Account?

You should use your AOL Mail account continuously and maintain it present when you don’t need to get it to run out. Here are some ideas that can assist you maintain your AOL Mail account:

  • Log in continuously: To keep the validity of your AOL Mail account, you have to log in a minimum of as soon as each 90 days. Make cautious to verify in a minimum of as soon as each 24 months when you’ve got a paid AOL account.
  • Keep your account data updated: Maintain the accuracy of your account data in order that AOL can attain you if there are any issues along with your account. Account data consists of your electronic mail tackle and cellphone quantity.
  • Backup your emails: Be positive to routinely again up your emails to stop shedding important ones. Your emails could be downloaded to your machine or to a different electronic mail supplier to perform this.
  • Keep your account safe: To maintain your AOL account non-public, use a sturdy password that’s completely different each time you log in, and activate two-factor authentication.
  • Review your account settings: Make positive your account is configured the best way you need it to be and that you’re not lacking any essential communications by often reviewing your account choices.

You should have realized what occurs when your AOL account expires and how one can forestall it with the assistance of this information on do AOL accounts expire. Join the dialogue by leaving your feedback and ensure to revisit our web site for brand new articles.